Really easy to use. Reminds you to to update your wins and losses.
I totally love that.

I really like that it allows you to track all of your gambling by Casino, type, and game. Now, I can see where the wins are and where I’m losing. I would have used this years ago.

I love a good deal. Having all the deals for the casino I’m in is super convenient.
Makes it easy to find a deal on food and drinks!

We all want to know where we win and lose. I even have favorite machines, but now I can track where my money is actually going. I will use this every single time I gamble.

Being able to see all of my play across every Casino or by individual machine is powerful. Now I will be able to know which games to frequent and which casinos to avoid.

I play a lot at gas stations and grocery stores. I like that I can add new locations as I go and still see my play in My Statistics. It uses Google to find the place you are at, so it’s quick and easy.

It’s about time! I’ve needed something like this for a long time.
Can’t wait to know where the payouts are!

I forget how much I lose and where. I love that it helps you track your wins and losses, and it even reminds you if you forget. When I don’t have time, I can enter past play.

I mostly place sports bets. I normally have a few games going.
This reminds me how much I bet on which games and when to collect!

Welcome to Paid2Gamble!

Welcome to the Paid2Gamble launch site. You can register here to be part of Paid2Gamble’s database of gamblers and receive a notification to be one of the first to have this amazing player resource on Android and iOS.

We’re almost ready to launch!

What is Paid2Gamble?

Paid2Gamble is a gambler resource and research app for Android and iOS. Paid2Gamble’s primary function is to allow players to track their wins and losses and collect data on their gambling exploits. Players get a better understanding of their wins across different venues, games, and more.

Players have access to their gambling statistics and analysis, so can see where they spend their money and get the most (and least) payouts. Users have access to the current offers and events offered by casinos and other gambling-related entities in geo-proximity to their location. Paid2Gamble helps gamblers make more informed and intelligent decisions about gambling, such as where they gamble, what to play when they do gamble to increase their odds of winning, and the unique ability to take advantage of every offer and event possible in their area to maximize their winnings, savings, and rewards – simply by using the app!

Paid2Gamble keeps your personal play habits private and doesn’t disclose your personal information to any third party, but does allow you as a player to learn from other gamblers using the app, so everyone can maximize their winnings and savings.

Paid2Gamble provides players with more resources than ever before, including statistical analysis of their play, up-to-the-minute gambling news, etiquette, how-to’s, odds, problem gambling resources and additional functionality / benefits for gamblers that we’re keeping secret until release. There has never been a gambler’s resource application like it!

Why is it called Paid2Gamble?

To be clear, Paid2Gamble does not directly pay gamblers for gambling, and does not offer gambling itself. We called it Paid2Gamble because of how the application greatly benefits players in tracking all of their gambling activities, helping gamblers make better gambling choices for better odds, about where to go and where to avoid, and to help gamblers take advantage of potential gambling opportunities customized to the player like the coupons and events being offered in their area.

Imagine a world where you as the player can finally make fully-educated, results-driven decisions about your gambling! AND, unlike a player’s club card, it gives you ALL the information you need for ALL the casinos or gambling options you have – not just limited information about one casino.

See? It really does pay to use Paid2Gamble!

Click on the SIGN-UP button to register for our gambler database and be notified when we launch the app, so you can start taking advantage of Paid2Gamble!

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