What is Paid2Gamble?

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Paid2Gamble is an easy and fun way for gamblers to track their play, provide feedback on their favorite games, and receive rewards for doing so! But let’s be clear: We do not sell or share your identity or personal information with any 3rd party for any reason at any time – only your opinions and behavioral data. We will also never abuse our relationship with you in any way, such as marketing, etc.

To start, gamblers fill out a player profile that tells us a little more about them and what kind of player they are. These profiles are strictly confidential and only used in research and tracking by Paid2Gamble. Once a player profile is filled out, the information is checked against our current research projects. If a gambler is selected for a project, they will be contacted by our staff, share their feedback, and get paid for their time!

Paid2Gamble will be launched as an app any day now on iOS and Android devices. Be sure to sign up below to be notified!

Once Paid2Gamble the app is launched, gamblers will be able to track their activities at specific casinos and receive reward points for doing so. These points can then be turned in for various reward offers on the app. The app will also alert players to special offers and events at the casinos nearby.

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So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up now to start getting involved with research, and we’ll alert you when the app is available for download!