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This Privacy & Cookie Policy (the “Policy”) sets out the basis on which any personal information Paid2Gamble, Inc. (“Paid2Gamble”, “we” or “us”) may collect from you or that you provide to Paid2Gamble will be processed by us.

This Policy applies to the website Paid2Gamble.com and any associated websites (the “Websites”), the mobile, tablet and any other Paid2Gamble apps (all of which together are referred to as the “Apps”), any telephone surveying and/or text surveying we may perform, as well as any other services and websites not expressly referred to that are provided by Paid2Gamble. Together, the Websites, the Apps, telephone surveying, text surveying, and the any other services and websites are referred to collectively herein as the “Services”.

We have created this Policy to demonstrate our commitment to preserving the privacy of all visitors to our websites and customers of our services. We are committed to ensuring that all services and activities made available through our websites and apps are provided in a safe and secure environment.

Paid2Gamble may change this Policy including altering the purposes for which it processes your personal information. In the event that Paid2Gamble considers it appropriate to make any such change, we will post the updated Policy on Paid2Gamble.com. Your continued use of the Services will constitute acceptance of those changes. The date on which the then current Privacy and Cookie Policy came into force will be the date you first commenced using the Services. Please check Paid2Gamble.com frequently for updates to this Policy.

Any reference to the “Group” within this Policy includes Paid2Gamble and all or any of its direct or indirect subsidiary undertakings, joint venture partners, and their related companies wherever located in the world as may exist from time to time including, but not limited to, Paid2Gamble and The James Industry Research Group. Any member of Paid2Gamble may use and share, within the group and with its advisors, the information you provide and other information it holds about you for the purposes set out below.


By providing your personal information and registering with us or logging on with us when you enter our Websites, you explicitly consent to the Group processing and disclosing your Personal Information (defined below in Section 3) only for the purposes, and otherwise in the manner, set out in this Policy. This is not consent to, and we will never without your express permission, divulge any information from or about you that could lead to your personal identification to any third party except as otherwise provided in this Policy.


Personal Information is any information about you and may include your name and address, date of birth, payment card details, details of betting transactions and account transfers and any other information you may wish to provide. We endeavor to ensure that our business practices that involve the use of your Personal Information are compliant with privacy regulations in all of the countries where we operate. Accordingly, in this Policy, we want to not only advise you of your privacy rights but also explain how we intend to respect them.

    3.1 How do we collect your Personal Information & what information may we collect?

    We collect Personal Information in the following ways:

    1. Public Area

    A Public Area is any area on any of our Websites that can be accessed without a password not otherwise designated as a Private Area. We collect browser and cookie information when you first navigate to our Websites. We collect information about you during the account registration process for any of our Services. This information may include, but is not limited to, your name, postal address, e-mail address, phone number, credit/debit card details and any other mandatory details as might be requested from you for the purpose of registration and/or continued use of our Services.

    1. Private Area

    A Private Area is any area on any of our Websites that is not a Public Area.

    A “session cookie” may be used to enable you to leave and re-enter our Websites without re-entering your password. Our system will record the pages you visit within our Websites. Such areas are still Private Areas that require a password, even if a session cookie is employed to allow access without repeated reentering of a password.

    To ensure a good quality of service, we may monitor and record any communication you have with us whether in writing (including via Live Chat), by phone or by electronic mail. We recommend that, with the exception of your name and username, you do not send us Personal Information by e-mail. Any information which you transmit to us is transmitted at your own risk.

    We may also collect:

    (a) Entry details for competitions or promotions.
    (b) Details of your visits to our Services and the resources and webpages that you access including, without limitation, traffic data, location data (including your physical location, obtained via GPS or other technological means) and other communication data (including IP address). Note that we do not extract any personal information (e.g. email address or name) that may be in a web browser’s user preference file.
    (c) Technical information relating to the device that you use to access our Services.
    (d) Information and communications posted to the Websites, including forums, chat rooms and message boards.
    (e) Information we collect using cookies stored on your device about how you use our Services and/or selected third party websites – for more information on cookies please refer to Cookies section below.
    (f) Where you communicate or share information with us or other users of our Services through player forums, message boards, profile comments, in-game challenges and chat messaging with game operators or other users.
    (g) Your betting, gaming, payments and other account transactions – these are routinely analyzed to assist us in improving the Services we provide to you.
    (h) Your telephone conversations – or a customer service call – may be recorded both to assist us in training and in quality management, and to allow for the speedy resolution of queries.

    1. Apps

    Use of our Services through our Apps (including any apps we may develop in the future) requires entering a username and password that you selected during account registration. Accordingly, any and all information collected via our Apps is considered information collected in a Private Area, and is of a similar nature to the information detailed above that is collected in connection with a Private Area.

    It’s important to highlight that our Services are not intended for individuals under the age of 18 and we do not knowingly record or retain any personal information from such individuals. In the event that we inadvertently gather personal information in relation to a minor, we will take reasonable measures to promptly close any relevant accounts and remove any records where possible, other than such information as will allow us to identify and prevent future access from such individuals.

    3.2 How may we use your Personal Information?

    We will process your Personal Information in order to allow you access and make use of our Websites and Apps, to allow you to participate in the Services offered, to administer your account, to maintain our accounts and records, to enable us to comply with any legal or regulatory requirements, to allow quicker account registration should you open a betting account with another company within the Group (for example, if you were to open an account with Paid2Gamble, we could use the verification documents submitted to The James Industry Research Group to comply with our legal and regulatory requirements), to monitor website usage levels and the quality of the service we provide and to inform you, from time to time, about products and services that we consider may interest you and for related purposes.

    We will also retain your Personal Information and may analyze it in order to investigate any actual or suspected criminal activity or, in respect of any event featured on our website, any threat to the integrity of that event and/or breaches of the rules of that event as laid down by the relevant governing (including sporting) bodies. All rights in the manner of recording your Personal Information held by Paid2Gamble (including copyright and database rights) are and shall remain its property.

    Your Personal Information may be processed and/or utilized in the following ways:

    (a) For general account management and processing of your transactions via your banking service provider;
    (b) For the provision of betting services;
    (c) To help identify you in case we need to interact over the phone, electronic email or any other way;
    (d) To verify your age and accuracy of your registration details, including disclosure of such information to third parties e.g. financial institutions and third party reference agencies;
    (e) To serve appropriate and tailored marketing material and content via SMS, email, phone, push notification, post or otherwise, in accordance with your marketing preferences;
    (f) To help diagnose system problems and to administer our Website(s);
    (g) To gather broad demographic information about you, such as determining whether you are a user from outside the US;
    (h) To monitor and improve our Services;
    (i) To carry out customer research, testing and analysis;
    (j) To carry out risk management;
    (k) To detect and report fraud, cheating and money laundering;
    (l) To enable us to comply with any legal or regulatory requirements; and
    (m) For advertising and promotional purposes.

    3.3 To whom and where personal information may be disclosed?

    Your Personal Information may, for the purposes described above, be transferred or disclosed to any company within the Group or, subject to appropriate agreement, to third parties, for the processing of that Personal Information on our behalf or in performance of services provided to us. The Group may, from time to time, retain trusted third parties to process your Personal Information for the purposes listed above in Section 3.2 and such processing will be governed by a contract in the form required by law.

    Where required by law, your Personal Information may also be disclosed to any applicable governmental, regulatory, sporting or enforcement authority. Additionally, in circumstances where we deem it appropriate, your Personal Information may be disclosed to any regulatory authority (whether at the request of such authority or otherwise) which has issued any company within the Group with a gambling operating license. We will vigorously oppose any requests, governmental or otherwise, to disclose your information, and will only do so when clearly mandated by law and/or as ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction.

    Your Personal Information may also be disclosed from time to time to any regulatory or sporting body in connection with policing the integrity or enforcing the rules of a sport or game and/or prevention and detection of crime and with whom the Group has agreements requiring or allowing the sharing of such data and where the Group considers that there are reasonable grounds to suspect that you may be involved in a breach of such rules or the law, have knowledge of a breach of such rules or the law or otherwise pose a threat to the integrity of the relevant sport or game. Those bodies may then use your Personal Information to investigate and act on any such breaches in accordance with their procedures.

    3.4 Accuracy and Access to Information

    You are entitled and we require you to have any inaccurate information corrected, so please ensure that you notify us of any updates, amendments and corrections to your information. You may do this by logging into the ‘My Account’ section of your online account and amending your ‘Contact Details’ on Paid2Gamble sections, or by contacting us. If you would like to know any specifics of how we have processed or intend to process your personal data, you can contact us at any time. Our contact details are located in the ‘Contact Us’ pages of our Websites.

    3.5 Retention and Disposal

    We only keep your information for as long as is necessary for our business purposes, subject to this policy, or as may be required by any legally mandated recordkeeping obligations, whichever is longer. Please note that we may be required in certain circumstances to retain your information indefinitely (for example under our procedures on responsible gambling and self-exclusion). We will take all necessary steps to ensure that the privacy of information is maintained upon disposal.


    We recognize that online security is an area of vital importance for all our customers. It is imperative that you should have full confidence that your personal details are secure before you register an account. We employ security measures to protect your information from access by unauthorized persons and to prevent unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction and damage. We use state of the art technological security solutions, including encryption when transmitting sensitive information across the internet. This means that all personal and financial information sent to and from the Websites are encrypted in accordance with good industry practice.

    In order to protect both ourselves and our customers from identity theft we may verify the information you have provided with our banking institutions over secure lines. Again, this is carried out in accordance with our data protection obligations.

    Where we have given you (or where you have chosen) a password which enables you to access certain parts of our Websites, you are responsible for keeping the password, as well as any means to manage the password such as a registered email address, secure and confidential at all times.

    As the security of some communications via the Internet is not completely secure, we cannot guarantee the security of any information that you disclose using your Internet connection. You accept the inherent security implications of using the Internet and Paid2Gamble will accept no liability for any direct, consequential, incidental, indirect, or punitive losses or damages arising out of such an occurrence.

    While we follow best practice, including but not limited to implementing administrative, technical and physical measures to safeguard your Personal Information against loss, theft and misuse you should also take personal steps to protect the security of your data both physically and electronically by following common best practice procedures such as:

    • Running Anti-Virus software and keeping it up to date;
    • Applying operating system, web browser and other security updates;
    • Ensuring your PC or other device is not left unattended whilst logged into our Websites; and
    • Using strong passwords for all Services and logins.

    Please note that following the foregoing practices does not guarantee that your Personal Information will remain secure. No technological measure is 100% reliable. Following the foregoing practices does not waive our limits of liability as stated in this Policy.

    1. COOKIES

    As mentioned in Section 3 above, the Websites (including those optimized for mobile devices) and Apps may use cookies and similar technologies to manage login sessions, provide personalized web pages and to tailor advertising and other content to reflect your specific needs and interests. By using the Websites and Apps you agree to the use of cookies and similar technologies for the purposes we describe in this Policy.

    What is a web cookie?

    Cookies are text files containing a small amount of information that are downloaded to your device when you visit a website or use an app. They are generally used by most websites to improve your online experience and to ensure that relevant content and functions are delivered and used more effectively.

    Cookies perform various different functions.

    For example, some cookies are downloaded to your device temporarily for the period that you browse a particular website; these cookies might allow you to navigate between pages more efficiently or enable websites to remember the preferences you select. Other cookies can be used to help websites or apps remember you as a returning visitor or ensure the online adverts you receive are more relevant to your specific needs and interests

    You can amend your browser settings to block some or all cookies. To do this, follow the instructions provided by your browser manufacturer.

    However, if you block cookies from any of the Websites, some or all each Website’s functions may not perform as intended.

    Set out below is an indicative list of the types of cookies we use: