Paid2Gamble is the best player resource in the world, and our gamblers come first. For that reason, Paid2Gamble doesn’t directly advertise gambling products or services to users unless they want to see it, nor will we EVER intentionally release any information which allows advertisers to directly contact our users.

We do offer the following opportunities for gambling-related suppliers to interact with our Gamblers:

OFFERS          Paid2Gamble’s “Offers” tab enables Players to see current and special offers from gambling providers within a prescribed distance.

EVENTS         Paid2Gamble’s “Events” tab presents a list of upcoming gambling events such as poker and slot tournaments, or educational events such as gambling “How-To” seminars or problem gambling/responsible gaming educational opportunities. Players will be able to highlight events they are interested in and want to attend later.

RESEARCH         Research to improve the lives and experiences of gamblers is what we are all about. Talk with one of our staff to discuss how research can help your business, or how you could sponsor your own research study to meet specific objectives. Click HERE to inquire.

Your business can register your offers and events through our supplier portal by clicking HERE. Registering with our service and listing offers or events is free, easy, and guarantees your company will receive a monthly report on the business generated by your listing and your marketplace.

Look for more great opportunities with the launch of the Paid2Gamble APP.

Ad Analytics

As researchers, we know how important gambler purchasing power is. HOWEVER, the knowledge of what is happening with those consumers is even more powerful. Our application tracks the casino movements, gambling, and casino activities of every user in our system so that we can analyze what serves gamblers best. Having access to that data as an advertiser in our system can increase your foot traffic, your hotel business, and your bottom line.

What Our App Does

Our app both combines gambler resources with powerful analytics and algorithms to give gamblers the best experience possible, and gives providers of gambling-related services the best information for servicing gamblers in what they need and want. We are the research and gambler information resource for the casino and gaming industry, and it shows in our app and in our data analytics. We know gamblers.